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Penalty created the Brazil 70 Neo Futsal Shoes for you to perform inside the courts,
make your opponents open-mouthed and be considered the 10th of your team.
It is developed with expanded laminate in high relief to provide comfort,
softness and lightness to the feet when passing and kicking. In addition, the
shoe has a non-slip rubber sole, providing security for use on indoor courts.
What's more, the shoe has channels positioned over the EVA midsole, which
reduces the impact during the athlete's movement.

Foot comfort during passes and kicks.
Non-slip rubber sole.
Anatomical shape to the feet.

Some technical differentials:
The Brasil 70 Neo Futsal Shoes has strategically positioned channels to help
flex and move the feet during matches. It also has a Conformed PU insole that
lessens impacts during contact with the ground.